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February 17 2016

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remember that catfish episode where she catfished her cousin bc he called her a fat ass kelly price 3 years ago


You know what else she did, she bloody did a horror movie plot twist, where she called the show to investigate whomever was cat fishing her cousin, so basically everyone that they were investigating to the cat fish was a red herring by her, leading to the climax of the episode where it was revealed that she was the one cat fishing him lol

Gone Girl (2014), David Fincher


A 300-year-old fresco by Andrea Pozzo. The entire ceiling is flat.

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Bloom - Paper Kites

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When you start rubbing your eye and you hit the Gspot

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February 12 2016

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do u ever spend an entire day being really happy and then when night time rolls around you remember that you’re actually sad and kind of dead inside so you’re just like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ well that was fun while it lasted

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February 11 2016

February 10 2016

February 09 2016

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delete this

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